A Litmus Test for Fluid

Greeting and Salutations folks ,

Fluid Pages and Navigation’s truly adds to the beauty of People-soft UI and does makes it one of the applications out there with mobile compatibility.

Here is a sort of litmus test for Fluid


This post is more thinking from an end user view point and testing Fluid like any other web app of today. I tried to use a simple Chrome Plugin ( Responsive Web Design Tester ) ; you can download and install it in chrome from Chrome Store.

Being a simple tool you can install as in the screenshots below –





Further you can watch the following screen capture video showing a basic test with a latest HCM PUM Image from Demo data. I tried to use different device compatibility and watching the video you will have your answer to the question – To what extent is Fluid Mobile compatible ?


I will see you next time ….. and as a piece of advice… use some Responsive site testing tool before you roll out Fluid to end users…at least test for common devices ( Samsung and Apple ) .. Wish you a happy Fluid journey


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