Fluid Navigation’s in HCM

Greetings and Salutations. 

User Interface is the buzzword in PS Industry now a days ; a very common sounding question can be heard all around …

Classic or Fluid or …… Classic +  ? 

A lot of threads can be found that say Classic will go away soon … well I recommend folks who think that way to read the Doc ID 2240394.1 from Oracle which states Classic will be supported in 8.56 ; though Oracle recommends that you move to Fluid ASAP.

For my friends who are still wondering what is this Classic+ , well to be clear it’s still in Oracle’s hands and it will be uncovered soon in 8.56 release ; but an interesting post related to it is http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/peoplesoft-pro/fluid-vs-classic-plus-75340

But for now , lets focus on the choice that is available and in turn all are pushed towards – Fluid.

As a newbie on Fluid I thought how much is fluid already out of the box and what is available. Well Oracle does injects new Fluid content with each PUM Image and in each PUM image it does details what’s new. Also Oracle has a Doc ID 2204787.1 which has an overview as per module what is fluid as in image 21 of HCM.

Well as a Programmer that does not satisfies our appetite , we always need more details. So here is an attached Excel which lists all the Fluid Navigations with the related components and it has tabs as per the owner id ( This is as per Image 21 HCM Demo Database ).

Fluid Navigations HCM Image 21 as per Modules

Few details about this Excel :-

  1. It is purely generated by a program
  2. It identifies all the Components that are marked as Fluid Mode ( More details as per Peoplebooks (https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E55243_01/pt854pbr0/eng/pt/tflu/task_SettingComponentPropertiesForFluidComponents.html#topofpage)
  3.  Finds the Navigation for that component and group it by owner id.

I will soon publish this Program on my github in one of the subsequent threads , program needs to be refined more as it’s still in an infant stage.

For now , see you and hope you are having a joyful Fluid experience.


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