Implementing Glowroot : A JVM Monitor for WebLogic on Peoplesoft Stack

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At times we have to perform diagnosis related to WebLogic on Peoplesoft stack handling requests , any potential errors that are occurring or any potential delays.

An obvious answer to this is a performance analysis tool ; there are many available in the market , one of the most popular one is App Dynamics but there are a list of quality tools which are Open Source and Glow root is one of them which is easy to implement and configure and can show some useful graphical representation of data captured.

In this post we will walk-through to make glowroot up and running with a  Demo instance of Peoplesoft and see if the glowroot as a tool captures any data which is useful.

So let’s start.

Ingredients :

  1. Download glowroot from
  2. A PS Demo instance ( I am using 8.55 Tools HCM 21 ) , or any of your test instance with ftp access to web files and psadmin access
  3. Some Free time 🙂

Glowroot has simplest of the steps to implement


  • Download the .zip to your local
  • add -javaagent:path/to/glowroot.jar to your JVM args ( we will do this step in next few lines .. )

Lets see from Peoplesoft end what are the steps required.

  1. Unzip the package and place the folder to a path on webserv on your PS Instance , on my local instance I used the path /home/psadm2/psft/pt/8.55/webserv/peoplesoft/lib/glowroot
  2. Configure the Env configuration to add JVM parameters to point to the glowroot.jar

For this step I did the following –

Under /home/psadm2/psft/pt/8.55/webserv/peoplesoft/bin , take a backup of and now to the actual file edit and right before export JAVA_OPTIONS add the parameters as shown in the image below –

JAVA_OPTIONS=”-javaagent:/home/psadm2/psft/pt/8.55/webserv/peoplesoft/lib/glowroot/glowroot.jar ${JAVA_OPTIONS}”


Well now we are set to launch.

Stop your Web-server > Clear Cache > Restart it .

Potentially all went well , ofcourse there is 1% chance of error ; you should have a cup of coffee and increase your alertness and analyze the log file at /home/psadm2/psft/pt/8.55/webserv/peoplesoft/servers/PIA/logs

If things went fine you have the glowroot up and running….

Ok , I head you where are the fancy graphs or data that we promised at the start…

glowroot by default point to and as the case I had I was using a VM Instance; I had to do the following configuration –

Once glowroot is up and running it will create additional files/folders at the path we placed the glowroot directory.

In this example I saw more files generated as follows and the one we are more interested in is admin.json



Backup this file and edit and add your IP as in the screenshot below –

Restart your server again and login to your PIA Instance.

Further go to Browser and hit : ( glowroot )

We will get some interesting graphs and it will capture data as you use your application.



Well whats next I will leave it to you , explore  you have any java servlet errors returned , which page is loaded slowly…. there is whole new world to be explored.


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