Journey with Elastic and Peoplesoft – 3 ( Let’s put things together)

Salutations and Greetings . Hope you are doing good … weather is getting better for my friends in NA and all folks in India the mercury is rising sharp. As we have explored until Part 2 of this series that the Elastic and Peoplesoft Instances are talking , well not truly talking business yet as we have not built any indexes.

This post will focus on setting up Search related config , few demo’s and that’s all .. after that you will be at a level to take Elastic to your imaginative world and have varied solutions as per your needs.

Not wasting much of your time , Lets start.

Navigate to PeopleTools > Administration

We already done configuration for Search Instance in Part 2. Now we will explore the Deploy/Delete Object. Deployment phase marks the search definitions that you want to have indexed. Oracle has a list 33 delivered definitions in HCM Image 21; there might be new in upcoming images or customers might have their own custom one’s.

For our test purpose we will select three of the list as marked below –


After Checking Click Deploy –


After you clicked Deploy note the Status is not Crawled as we have not asked Elastic Instance to build the index for the deployed search definitions.


Next is the step we just mentioned that we need to Schedule the Search so navigate to Schedule Search Index.Es3_5

There are a set of Run Controls already present and they are most probably linked to SES , so its recommend you create your own for each of the search definitions


Click on Add a new Value –


Choose Full Index for 1st run and then you can have Incremental Index runs , Similarly do for other 2 search definitions too. Once the process runs to success we are at a state to test.

Well e need to Enable Global Search

Navigate to People Tools > Portal > General Settings or Alternatively from Fluid > Search Administration ; further check the Display global search in header.


On the same page at the bottom, Add PSFT_HR ( this is important step to get the search lens turned on) Es3_10

Navigate to Search Administration > Search Instance / User


Logout from current session and re-login , hurrah that lovely box of search is all waiting for our test data.



When Clicked on the 1st result , it will take us to the job date for James Quick … and we can see the keys populated in the URL as below, this is a nice feature as it takes directly from a search to a action in a particular context.


Well we have things in a working state , why not explore further ; okay I understand the post is getting too long , I am going for a caffeine boost and will write further after a short break why not you also get a break – ” as per workstation ergonomics Every 30 to 60 minutes, take a brief rest break. During this break, stand up, move around, and do something else. Get a beverage, chat up a coworker, or take a lap around the office. This allows you to rest and exercise different muscles, and you’ll feel less tired”.

Okay I am back , let’s continue. Now we will do the following –

  • Submit a Timesheet for an Employee
  • Deploy Timesheet Search Definition
  • Schedule Timesheet data search Index
  • Search for Timesheet for our Employee





Well now that we know the cycle, next are the questions in place for audience-

  • To what extent you need Elastic is up to you
  • How frequently you update indexes and different search definitions – depends  ; for e.g job data may change on daily basis , navigation’s wont change on daily basis.
  • Oh I hear you , making it secure ; yes it should have SSL ; Elastic as recently in news for one of its hack. so better safe than sorry.

Further readings

Configure SSL ( Elastic has a free 400$ course related to security  ) , I did signed up and plan to take that course.


and as always and for other products like Kibana and logstash. See you later until my next Post. Thanks for reading and your patience and yes Ingredients for writing this post … a free afternoon , 2 coffee cups and a wandering mind :).


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