Easter Egg – Magic Clause in Oracle-SQL

Greetings and Salutations ….and of-course Happy Easter to all .

Talking about Easter, being a programmer the first thing that strikes my mind is Easter eggs present in different software solutions. Be it the windows you use or the phone OS you are using , be it the search you do on Google… there is something hidden and to be discovered , a footprint that the developer has left as his/her signature.

There are list of few of Easter Eggs –



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Implementing Glowroot : A JVM Monitor for WebLogic on Peoplesoft Stack

Greetings and Salutations…

At times we have to perform diagnosis related to WebLogic on Peoplesoft stack handling requests , any potential errors that are occurring or any potential delays.

An obvious answer to this is a performance analysis tool ; there are many available in the market , one of the most popular one is App Dynamics but there are a list of quality tools which are Open Source and Glow root is one of them which is easy to implement and configure and can show some useful graphical representation of data captured.

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Journey with Elastic and Peoplesoft – 3 ( Let’s put things together)

Salutations and Greetings . Hope you are doing good … weather is getting better for my friends in NA and all folks in India the mercury is rising sharp. As we have explored until Part 2 of this series that the Elastic and Peoplesoft Instances are talking , well not truly talking business yet as we have not built any indexes.
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