A Journey with Elastic and Peoplesoft – 2 ( Linking it )

Hello Folks , Salutations and Greetings .

Hope things are going well in everyone’s domains. I would like to start with a inspirational video I just watched before dumping on some Peoplesoft specific configuration on you.

So without wasting a lot of your time .. here is the link to the video

Ok , I hear you … video is done .. back to business.

Until now the Elastic instance is installed and up and running and last you must have queries the local loopback IP and it asked for esadmin credentials.

As a next step I would recommend that you modify your host file and give a logical name to Elastic instance let say pselastic and give it the ip of your machine on which elastic is installed.

In my case the local IP is , thus my host file will have entry like pselastic2.com hcm92.ps.com

I intentionally left the 2nd one there. Let me explain why –

I have a local Virtualbox instance for 92 Image 21 running with that IP and as a next task we have to integrate both and we will refer to the IP from the Virtualbox PIA instance.Now another task we need to take care is allow Firewall rule for traffic to flow ; for test purpose I have added two firewall rules as inbound and outbound that listen on a range 9200-9400 Port numbers.


Well few more config steps on Elastic side , since we changed the Loopback IP that Elastic should broadcast we need to change in the config file.

Find the file : C:\psft\pt\es2.3.2\config\Elasticsearch.yml ; take a backup before you modify.


Now Lets Restart the service


After Restarting test your service.

http://pselastic2.com:9200 ; If it works fine Wola…. you did it else have a cup of coffee … stretch arms and review steps ( if failure is encountered check logs at C:\psft\pt\es2.3.2\logs).

We have to move to next step though..

Now its time to see the configuration on the Peoplesoft PIA Instance end.As I mentioned I have a 9.2 Instance on VBox  networked using a Bridged Adaptor.

To enable Peoplesoft connectivity to Elastic we need to do few checks –

  1. Check IB Gateway
  2. Check Domain Status
  3. Check Node Status
  4. Reset IB Gateway Properties Password / Encrypt one


Check IB Gateway : Make sure you have correct URL > Load Gateway Connectors > Ping Gateway


Check Domain Status : Make sure Domain is active :


Check Node Status: PSFT_HR is default node . Make sure you can ping to success and if authentication is used its PS/PS for this demo instance.

Reset IB Gateway Properties Password / Encrypt one : This is a common error encountered and even in SES this was a commonly observed error and hence the documentation can be found at Oracle Support ID:1574913.1. The steps to fix it is to generate a keystore entry and encrypt password ; in images few steps are –





Oh.. Enough of it Lets finally open some config specific to Elastic….

PeopleTools > Search Framework > Administration > Search Instance

add a new Instance pselastic.

Fill in the values in all three Boxes Search-instance , Search Instance Properties , Call Back Properties.


Please note in the above screenshot the host name should be pselastic2.com as we did set it few lines ago.. 

Hit the Ping Button , If success you will get a message “Ping Test Result: Success. Elasticsearch version 2.3.2 (262,613)”

Hit Test Login ( That is esadmin/Elastic1234 ) , Check Proxy Login .

Finally Hit Validate: Onthe Popup make sure you get all green-checksgree like these which confirms Elastic and PS instance are now talking ;

In our Part 3 we will explore the functional aspect of Elastic and how its used in details… Good Bye for now.





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